The 1980s represent an important period in the mobilisation of civil societies in various solidarity movements.
Resist, unite, commit... these words echo from the Americas, through the African states, to the countries of Europe, shaping individual and collective paths. Human bonds are forged across borders. People dare to do the unthinkable.
The birth of Solidarność and the international rallying behind this Polish movement remains an emblematic illustration of this phenomenon of solidarity fervour.  

Looking at the past invites us to reflect on our present. It confronts us with our own experiences and questions our choices in the face of contemporary challenges. Do we show solidarity with others? Why should we get involved? 

Through an exhibition and various activities, this platform aims to create a space for discussion on the practice of solidarity. A phenomenon that experienced an unprecedented fervour in the 1980s and that still emerges today in the event of political or health crises. Let's listen to the testimonies of past actors, let's question historians. Let's share our experiences with people involved in solidarity projects today. And finally, let the dreams and hopes of young people shaping tomorrow’s world carry us. 

Renata Latała