Solidarity in my life

You are a young person engaged in helping others, and would like to share your experiences?
Do you know someone who is your role model and champion of solidarity? 
Or maybe you experienced an act of solidarity that you want to share? 

Take out your camera!

Take out your phone!

Tell us your story!


Your tasks

Faire une courte vidéo ou une série de photos qui aborde le thème de la solidarité dans ta communauté, ton quartier ou ta famille, en répondant aux questions suivantes:  Qu’est-ce que la solidarité dans le monde contemporain? Qu’est-ce que la solidarité dans ma vie?

Participation conditions  
  • Contest is open to gymnasium and high school students
  • Read carefully all the conditions and documents required to take part in the contest
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  • Post your work on Instagram and mention @solidarity1980 with hashtags #Solidarity #LeMomentSolidarite #1980 #YouthSolidarity #SolidaritéDansMaVie #SolidarityInMyLife et collecte le plus de LIKES as possible
  • Send us your registration with required forms to our email:
  • Prizes will be awarded to the three best works, in each category (photo and video)
  • The top ten works in each category will be posted on our website and Instagram.

Show us solidarity in your life!

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